mon-sat until 9.30 pm
other times you can order sandwiches & drinks at the reception

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Grilled turkey sandwich 149

Smoked turkey, mustard, gouda cheese and beef tomato on sourdough bread. Served with crisp salad, vinaigrette and root veggie chips. Can be served vegetarian without turkey.

Shrimp sandwich 110/210

Hand peeled shrimps, homemade aioli, crisp lettuce, red onions and chives, served on grilled levain bread and topped with a hardboiled egg, bleak roe and a lemon wedge


We like you! The room service charge is on us💕

For requests under 150 SEK

we'll add 75 SEK

White wine

Mesta Verdejo Organic, Verdejo 1/1 325


Domaine Chevallier, Petite Chablis 1/1 445

Red wine

Mesta Tempranillo Organic, Tempranillo 1/1 325

A Lisa, Malbec/Merlot/Petit Verdot 1/1 525


Val d´Oca Prosecco 1/1 395

Sáninger Brut Reserva Cava 1/1 425



Mariestad, light lager 50 cl 75


Linnaeus lager 33 cl 79


Soft drinks

Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite 35

Orange juice 35

Non alcoholic beer 50

Something else? We have more, just ask us!