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See menu below, and please note that the menu differs at different times of the day ​


For room service, a fee of SEK 200/order is added

mon-fri 11.30-22.00
sat 15.00-22.00


Mixed grill 325

Entrecote, pork shoulder & chorizo

Served with fries, tarragon mayo & buttered gem salad


The famous shrimp sandwich 130/245

Hand peeled shrimp, aioli, crisp lettuce & pickled red onions Served on fried levain bread & topped with egg, chives & onion roe


Picnic burger 235

With crisp lettuce, tomato, pickles, gruyere & smoked paprika mayo, served with fries Available vegetarian with halloumi


Moules frites 235

Mussels in white wine, cream & herbs

Served with garlic bread,

fries & lemon mayo


Meatballs 245

Picnic meatballs with potato puree,

raw lingonberries, cream sauce & pressed cucumber


Salmon & avocado 235

Salad with smoked salmon, pine nuts, radishes,

boiled egg and avocado cream,

pickled red onion & croutons



Almond cake 95

With rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb syrup

& wheat crumbs


Pineapple 95  

Port wine poached pineapple with coconut ice cream, mint sugar & pineapple jelly


Chocolate tart 95

With blood orange ice cream & candied orange


Picnic praline 95  

Picnic's homemade praline

Ask the staff about the flavor of the evening!

after 22.00 & sundays

Club sandwich 155

Grilled sandwich with chicken thighs, bacon & tomato sauce

Served with salad & garlic dip

+Root fruit chips 35:-

Veg sandwich 125

Grilled sandwich with tomato, pesto & gouda cheese

Served with salad & garlic dip

+Root fruit chips 35:-

Shrimp salad 195

Salad with hand-peeled shrimps, pickled red onion, egg, lemon & aioli


Tomato soup 95

Creamy soup with coconut cream & tomatoes


Wine & sparkling
Prosecco 115/525

Champagne 195/899

Picnic’s white 125/499

Picnic’s red 129/509

Beer (bottle)

Mariestads Export 5,8% 89

Snakehead IPA 6,6% 99

Beer (tap)

Ipanic IPA 5,8% 99
Melleruds Utmärkta Pilsner 4,8% 75


Cider (bottle)

Briska 4,5% 89


Soft drinks & Juice 40

Briska Cider 55
Mariestads Lager Beer 55
Uppsala Brygghus Roadtrip Beer 59
Non-alcoholic wine 79

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